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Just click on the color you like to display this informations.
Enjoy 23 colors for the price of 4 !
Each color features the 40 leading IKEA kitchen furniture.
That's a total of 920 pieces of furniture in a single 3D library.
Low furniture, high cabinets and cabinets are available to carry out your kitchen projects with Sweet Home 3D!
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Special offer all colors

Sweet Home 3D Furniture

Objets Gratuits Sweet home 3D

Library of 43

3D Kitchen Supplies.

Library of
8 Bar stools in 3D.

Library of
20 Wortops + 20 Bar.

Library of
17 Sink 2D + 17 Sinks 3D.

Library of
42 3D Taps.

Library of
37 Wall coverings 60 x 60 cm.

Library of
7 Extractor hoods in 3D.

Library of
20 Hobs in 3D.

Sweet Home 3D Tutorial

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to draw your 3D kitchen.
CUISINE IKEA avec Sweet Home 3D
Lire la vidéo
 The furniture presented in this video is part of the old 3D collection, the library sold today offers
the 40 main furniture with interior supplies for more beautiful 3D renderings.
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