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Design your Kitchen

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Extension SketchUp Click-Kitchen 2

Click-Kitchen and Click-Change are extensions for the SketchUp 3D software.

In all simplicity, draw and then customize your 3D kitchen by choosing all the details.

To finish, take advantage of the best prices at IKEA or made call to a carpentry for a custom kitchen.

With Click-Kitchen 2 and Click-Change 2, architecture is no longer a luxury.

IKEA Kitchen Design in Sketchup.webp
IKEA kitchen designed with the Sketchup Click-Kitchen 2 extension
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Sweet Home 3D Library

In order to share our 3D models with as many people as possible, we have created libraries for Sweet Home 3D.


This software is ideal for beginners in 3D, wishing to realize their projects with a minimum of learning.

Design an IKEA kitchen with Sweet Home 3D

3D IKEA Furniture Collection

Our 3D collections are compatible with SketchUp, 3Ds max and Rhino and also offer the format

OBJ and DAE for import into your favorite 3D software.

IKEA kitchen furniture 3D collection
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Plugin Sketchup Click-Window 3D

Here is a SketchUp extension, which allows you to create tailor-made 3D Windows with a great level of detail.

Info: SketchUp allows you to export 3D models made with Click Window 3D.

Presentation of the 3D Click-Window Plugin for Sketchup
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